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Purpose & Requirements

Definition and configuration of logical containers

Definition and configuration of logical containers (cluster, datacenter, custom datacenter, custom group) to define the infrastructure resources to be monitored for consumption and capacity increase.

Dashboards that provides an up-to-date overview of CPU, Memory and Storage resources and predict when the resources will be used, broken down into logical elements according to the requirements and guidelines presented. The dashboard may be used by both the infrastructure department and senior management to observe the state of the environment and its anticipated consumption.

Scenarios of expansion and changes in the environment for the purposes of commissioning depending on the needs during system operation

On the basis of the data presented, those responsible for maintenance and environmental management will be able to plan potential extensions. They will have a constant overview of the infrastructure components and, in the event of sudden resource depletion, optimize it to ensure an appropriate level of performance.

On the basis of the information collected during this stage, policies and scenarios of “What-If Analysis” configuration change will be developed on the basis of variants available depending on the version of vROps used, together with knowledge transfer enabling independent execution of them.

Features & Final Efects

Monitoring Standard dashboards from the range:

Capacity Planning – dashboard presents the current capacity of the environment in terms of usage and delivered amount of CPU/Memory/Storage. On their basis, the client will be able to determine which Capacity units (CPU/Memory/Storage) will be fully consumed by the system. Thanks to this, the client will be able to plan and re-process the migration between Datacenter, clusters, datastores or start expanding the existing infrastructure with additional components well in advance.

Environment Inventory – dashboard shows a list of all objects in a monitored VMware environment. Based on them the client will determine the amount of resources in each defined physical and/or virtual datacenter. It will determine the allocated capacities on external datacenters, assess how to use a single cluster, datacenter in the most efficient way.

What-if analysis


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Requierements & Constraints

Preparation of datacenter divisions
Preparation of rules for capacity calculation to implement the algorithm
The analysis can be performed within a given Datacenter on all clusters simultaneously.
If you want to verify other Datacenter (having other clusters) you should create another scenario and compare the results.
It is not possible to create one scenario in which some objects are added and removed at the same time.
It is not possible to create one scenario in which we add hosts and VMs at the same time.