GLOBAL LEGAL HACKATHON is a two-day, law-related, programming marathon organised by Wolters Kluwer, the 2nd edition of which took place this year at the Google Campus in Warsaw.

The purpose of this event was to develop innovative technological and business solutions that would be helpful both for lawyers and people seeking legal assistance.

The participants were lawyers, programmers, graphic designers, project managers, and business analysts. Specialists in their field worked in interdisciplinary teams, which favoured the creative process, providing broader experience and a new perspective.

Aleksander Jabłoński and Maciej Maślanka as the team ‘High Five’ took part in the event on behalf of INDEVOPS. Within 52 hours – from the idea, through the prototype, business model and testing the competitive advantage on the solution market – they created a ‘Personalized Notification System‘.

Changes are the most frequently mentioned problem by entrepreneurs and lawyers, which may have a huge and negative impact on their companies. The work of our programmers informs entrepreneurs about legal, economic, political, and economical changes that came into force or coming.

We received a high distinction and great applause from all participants. We’re making plans for New York next year!!

Congratulations Alek, congratulations Maciek!!!


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