Once again we took part in HackYeah! – The biggest IT Festival in Europe. For 24 hours in Warsaw Expo Hall over 2500 IT specialists faced a “thousand” of projects and challenges in 3 categories: Environment, Communication and Security.

In this year’s edition our youngest team members – @Alek and @Łukasz focused on IT Security – chose a partnership project issued by Orlen, whose task was to  

“Solution for verifying the configuration of workstations and servers”.

The tool, built from scratch, met all the customer requirements and brought a number of advantages: administrators of Orlen’s IT operations center perform fewer manual tasks, optimize their time, have a wider view of the data concerning the environment and the entire IT infrastructure. Moreover, the solution is:

  • non-invasive – it does not affect the operating system,
  • scalable – from 1 to thousands of workstations,
  • flexible – you can easily add functions to other options.

They reached the podium with incredible skills, teamwork, devops culture and an unconventional approach to problem solving!

Bravo, Luke! Bravo Alek! We are proud of You!

And here is the work of the winning podium: 

More information about HackYeah:

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